ACE 2012– The Wonderful and Youthful Takeifa

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4 Responses to ACE 2012– The Wonderful and Youthful Takeifa

  1. Tosh says:

    Sawa – Picha nzuri. Give us more lakini – info on artists na kadhalika…

  2. Aghan Odero says:

    These guys are noma sana as ‘real musicians’ ( LIVE music melody creators, arrangers, performers/presenters – yaani no computer assistance /mime back or sing along DJ types)! They are a Senegalese group known as TEKEIFA and have real deep depth and substance in playing contemporary African popular fusion music. I watched them perform as Kim clicked away and I do vouch for their excellence! The lady BASSIST blew the gathering away with her adeptness with the guitar and sheer stage presence!

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